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      By stealing women? Byssa contemptuously interrupted. Is that the custom among the Pelasgians? Lyrcus carried home neither maids nor matrons.A whim, said Esmeralda.

      At the first note she entered with some idle speech, closed the door, darted her glance around, saw no one, heard only the work and the song and sprang to the chimney-breast. She tried the panel--it would not yield! Yet there, as if the mason's powerful hands had within that minute reopened and reclosed it, were the wet marks of his fingers. A flash of her instinct for concealment bade her wipe them off and she had barely done so when he stepped from the screen, fresh from Israel's water-bucket, drying his face on his hands, his hands on his face and un-turbaned locks, prison-worn from top to toe, but in Dixie's full gray and luminous with the unsmiling joy of danger.

      "By--! sir, I am!"

      Because you couldnt sit down if you tried, you old soaker; and if you did, you couldnt see the cards. Go and get another drink and waltz off to bed; your nurse is waiting to undress you, my child.

      Anna "thought the name was all from the song."



      Trafford looked stupidly at his arm.Lyrcus carried Byssa into the house and then, hurrying to the edge of the bluff, gazed out over the plain.


      Strangely slow travelled news in '61. After thirty hours' bombardment Fort Sumter had fallen before any person in New Orleans was sure the attack had been made. When five days later a yet more stupendous though quieter thing occurred, the tidings reached Kincaid's Battery only on the afternoon of the next one in fair time to be read at the close of dress parade. But then what shoutings! The wondering Callenders were just starting for a drive up-town. At the grove gate their horses were frightened out of all propriety by an opening peal, down in the camp, from "Roaring Betsy." And listen!